Springs Women In Christ for Health

Group Description

We live in a world with more experts, pills and programs that will help us loose weight.  However nearly 70% of American adults are overweight.  If you are on a restrictive diet for better health, have struggled to loose or keep weight off or don't even know where to start for better health, this group is for you!

Find success in overcoming your health barriers including:

• Emotional eating

• Frustration with failed diets

• Meal planning challenges with your family

• Strong cravings

• Confusion with what is healthy or just a crazy trend

Meeting together with Christ as the center will allow you to:

• Encourage and be encouraged

• Share your experiences without judgement

• Learn strategies and tools that will empower you to succeed

• Succeed in reaching your health goals once and for all

• Make new friends and deepen your faith in Christ

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