Six Mile Doctor WALKING CLUB

Group Description


NO ~ We do NOT walk six miles! However, we honor the man who did.

The goal of this group is to get off the sofa and move!

The vision for our Club is to motivate each other to become more active, enjoy fresh air, and maintain good health, a happy outlook, make new acquaintances, form friendships and enjoy group gatherings. Let our motto be:

"Mens sana in corpore sano" - which is Latin for I really need to get off the sofa!

Hopefully we will have enough members to accommodate all levels of walking - from slow to fast, from strollers to hikers.

We will try and end each walk with a social event, be that a coffee, a meal at a restaurant, a picnic, an ice cream. What better way to make new friends!

The name SIX MILE DOCTOR WALKING CLUB is an homage to honor Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw - a true humanitarian, who walked six miles after a blizzard to reach his hospital in order to perform life saving brain surgery.

Here is an article and a video interview with the good Doctor from the Huffington Post - January, 2014.

NOTE: Please read CLUB RULES, filed under "Pages" at the top, before applying.

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