The Lamia Sanctuarium

Group Description

Good eve. And welcome to The Lamia Sanctuarium. This is a house for real vampire humans, who are seeking a place and a refuge among there own kind. Hear the practice and self, discovery of being a fully awakened vampire or just a fledgling are welcomed. The Lamia Sanctuarium offers a place to practice and or perfect any form of feeding exercises, magic, spiritualism, physical achievement and or religion. There is many freedoms hear but always the watchful eyes of the Elders, for they are with us to help make the best decisions for our selves with out great mistake or harm to our kind and The House. The House holds its own secrets among the members and we guard them with the greatest care, what we do is our own, and we do not place any standing on what the worlds belief on us should be. Remember keep The House secret keep it safe, along with what we do and all that are apart of it. Any vampire (fully awakened or fledgling) (a prospect) that seeks a place in The Lamia Sanctuarium then should seek out a member of The House in person or online and speak with them. If a vampire seeking membership and who knows a vampire personally with in The House then both should seek out a elder and speak with them, in a time like this who ever decides to take on the prospect the vampire who does this will also take responsibility of this prospect and must become there master for the duration of the prospects time and must teach them everything and take full responsibility for there prospect. When a vampire becomes a master they must get permission from the Elder council to do this. We recognize all and any kind of vampire, no matter how they feed, or what they practice in we do not look down on how a vampire feeds, this is a personal practice and we each have the right to feed our hunger as we see fit however each must take responsibility for there own actions, and although we allow each to there own perspective, we do have The House rules that all must follow who want to be a part of The House.
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