Hooked on Hookah

Address: 6406 N Academy Blvd
Phone: (719) 886-7107
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Category: Hookah Bar
Check Ins: 11189


  • Andrew Strauss

    Best hookah bar in town
  • Killian Horan

    Best hookah bar in Colorado by far.
  • Calvin Smith

    Surprise sheesh flavor
  • Dominique Raymond

    Pineapple - Mango. Holla atcha boy
  • Zachary Lehmann

    Best hookah bar in town! Best service I've had in a long time!
  • Ryan Johnson

    Try scraps every other night you go in see if you get something different each time
  • Jason Florentino

    Its great to smoke at Colorado Springs first hookah bar run entirely by homosexual men! Great job guys!
  • Ramy Eshak

    Our Hookah Tobacco is made by hand in house!
  • Jake Scott

    Pineapple mango!!
  • noelle whittaker

    Staff here is the best! try the ice hoses!
  • Gilbert Morua Rodriguez

    It's all about that Watermelon
  • Katie Winfrey

    Kyle is a hookah genius! Ask for a surprise; you can't go wrong!
  • Karlie Huckels

    Best hookah in the springs!!
  • Rebecca Rose

    Love this place!!! Ramy is the best!!!!
  • Ryan Johnson

    Try Coconut vanilla rose next time your there
  • Calvin Smith

    Ask for Aladdin's bitch
  • Jon Feedar Thomas

    Get hobbit plus blueberry!
  • Edwin Velazquez

    Blueberry Margarita is where it's at!!
  • Kyle Gorman

    New Mayor's Special: Tropic Sunshine + Coconut ! You might also want to try the Busta-Nut Rose. She'll treat you right!
  • Corey C

    Ryan Is the bestest!
  • Adrianna Claybrook

    Budacris and Ramalicious here are bomb. Plus the people are always great. An awesome environment!
  • Mbinintsoa Ramarolahy

    Still best in town, even in the State i should say.
  • Mbinintsoa Ramarolahy

    Great staff, nice peole, relax environment...what else to ask for?
  • Abdullah Alshenaifi

    Great service, cool atmosphere, everything is awesome except their tobacco... Good place to hang out. Don't miss ice hoses...
  • Joelle Fowler

    Definitely a nice place I can come to and relax after a long day :)
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