Garden of the Gods

Address: 1805 N 30th St
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  • Colorado

    Entrance to the park is free, thanks to the family of Charles Elliott Perkins who donated the land to Colorado Springs in 1909.
  • Colorado

    This National Natural Landmark offers admission to some memorable scenery, featuring unusual sandstone rock formations up to 300 feet high silhouetted against the deep blue sky.
  • Garrett Zaino

    Highly suggest getting out and walking around
  • John Creasey

    Check out balance rock - you can take a picture or you 'holding' the rock :-)
  • N Bh

    It looks tiny from a distance, so the scale of these red rock formations will surprise you.
  • Kenneth Taylor

    Go is absolutely beautiful
  • askmehfirst

    Nothing like a Free ride through the Beautiful Garden of the Gods
  • Ben Peterson

    You've gotta get out of your car and walk to the center gardens.
  • Tracy Anthis

    When hiking through the park be on the lookout for dinosaur tracks.
  • Lee Boyle

    Try the giant rocks! They're breathtaking.
  • Michael Chanley

    Climb something.
  • Cam B

    get your cameras out because the view is awesome
  • K12 Inc

    Did you know? Legend tells that the area was named when Colorado City founder Melancthon Beach suggested it was ideal for a beer garden. His friend replied that Garden of the Gods was more like it
  • Monika Deignan

    Go up ridge road at nighttime...pretty view. Gotg is one of my favorite places ever.
  • Andrea O'Neill

    Go Here to go hiking.
  • Rony Karim

    Make sure you get out of the at one of the parking spots, nice place for pictures and scenery.
  • Sadiq Alhuwaidi

    Worth spending a couple of hours seeing the red rocks and beauiful views. Don't hesitate to go there..check out the balanced rock too.
  • Pikes Peak Country Attractions

    Don't forget to stop in at the Garden of the Gods Visitor's Center and the Trading Post to experience even more of the park. Learn, shop & eat!
  • Melissa Wright

    A must see if you are in the Colorado Springs area. Beautiful park with amazing views.
  • Diana H.

    Wear sunscreen!
  • Lindsay Li

    You will be impressed by the fantastic rocks and scenery!
  • Leah Valentine

    going at dusk gives you a better chance of meeting the park's gorgeous wildlife. :-)
  • Nessa Linnebur

    Stay on the sidewalk... there are rattlers out in the grass! I've seen them in bushes less than a foot from the edge of the sidewalk.
  • MaryKay Brooks

    Go to the gift shop! There is something for everyone
  • Ang G

    Spectacular views!! Bring gym shoes.
  • Heni Maryati

    HUGE ROCKS! very impressive view
  • Brandon Beem

    Great place to practice photography! The sunrises and sunsets are amazing!
  • Katie Kane

    Great place to walk around and for photo opps!
  • kim

    You like to see great rock formations. Great place to walk and see the sites.
  • Pierre Castellares

    Stop at the Visitor Center, get a map and go either hiking or horseback riding. Take pictures.
  • Caitlin

    Amazing! Must see!
  • Ethan Fleming

    I love this place. It is a bike ride dream come true location.
  • Lindsay Li

    Entrance to the park is free according to the wish of Charles Elliott Perkins, whose children donated the land to the city of Colorado Springs in 1909.
  • Ed Rylko

    Climbers must register and use proper equipment. We saw a rescue op where a group didn't do this and faces fines up to $500.
  • Brandi Burke

    If you wanna see how beautiful this place is go at night with your honey and walk to a nice spot and have some chicken while glazing at the stars
  • James Trageser

    Could someone please shoot a photo/pic of Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods where Pikes Peak is seen between the red rocks at the garden? I would very much appreciate it :)
  • Paula Rutan

    Every time I am here I am always amazed at the splendor.
  • Mallory Brownfield

    Trails are very pleasant to walk on, but watch out for horse poo :)
  • Amy Hall Francen

    Great way to kill an afternoon for free! Beautiful place and views!!!!
  • Laura Johnson-Spears

    free and beautiful. great place to take some family pictures.
  • Eduardo Inoue

    If you like Longboarding arrive early before cars and have the pleasure of Longboarding on a very beautiful place. The balance rock is a good place for downhill slide. Remember to wear your helmet
  • Maggie Oldham

    Very beautiful!!! A picture can barely capture its splendor!
  • Dawn Mangham

    Wonderful site for walking. The rock climbing looked amazing. Fun for the entire family!
  • Matt DeCoste

    Don't ask how the rock climbers get the rope up there. They use technical gear & clip into the bolts in the rock. A "lead climber" has to climb the rock while a belayer assists from the ground.
  • Jeanie Schreiber

    I would love to have the time to completely walk this place. The views are amazing
  • Che Sanderson

    Be sure to wear walking shoes and lots of water
  • Kelly Young

    Great place for photos (weddings, engagements, vacations, families)
  • PikesPeak CountryAttractions

    Experience the Garden of the Gods on horseback with Academy Riding Stables. The BEST way to tour this park, I'd say!
  • Jenna Hubbs

    One foot in and one foot back But it don't pay, to live like that So i cut the ties and i jumped the tracks For never to return..
  • Greg Karpinski

    Use the bathroom before entering the park!
  • turbopeachums Wenell

    Indians once lived here. They're all dead
  • Mallory Brownfield

    Photogenic and great place to view local geology.
  • Lindsay Li

    Garden of the Gods Park has been designated as a Great American Public Place of 2011by the American Planning Association.
  • Lindsay Li

    Go hiking on one of the most popular paved trailPerkins in the park.
  • Lindsay Li

    Dont miss the annual running races and recreational bike rides events if you are going to the park during summer.
  • Pro Power Rooter

    be ready to walk and explore the cool things around you!
  • Michael Puig

    I am NOT on horseback.
  • Chad Julius

    Take the time to drive all roads within the park. Then be sure to visit the Balance Rock area at the South West end of the park as its an amazing place within GOG!
  • rafi arbel

    Go when the sun is rising or setting; the shadows are far more dramatic.
  • Aaron Varcasio

    got there for sunset, great pics
  • Mark Danielson

    Bring earplugs. This place attracts hicks of the noisy variety.
  • Thomas Sagun

    Had an awesome experience here
  • Sara

    Wear sunscreen and comfortable walking/hiking shoes. Bring plenty of water!
  • Alex Doty

    Make sure you check out the balancing rock.
  • Perielio Ribeiro

    Sem palavras...
  • Laurie Ramsey

    Remember to go the speed limit of 20mph. Lots of wildlife out crossing the roads
  • doug camfield

    three words that became hard to say: i and love and you.
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