The Broadmoor

Address: 1 Lake Ave
Phone: (719) 577-5770
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Category: Resort
Check Ins: 9813


  • Travel + Leisure

    Opt for a formal dinner at the jackets-required Penrose Room. Youre bound to overhear stories of guests whove been visiting for decades.
  • Kristie Teer

    The Broadmoor ResortEven though we did not stay here as guests, we did spend a leisurely time exploring the beautiful grounds of this exclusive spa and golf resort, which center around a lake and
  • Trupanion

    This pet-friendly resort offers rooms in which dogs get their own beds and pet sitting services are available. Nothing but the best for your furry friend!
  • Victoria Leonard

    The Broadmoor Resort at the gateway to the Colorado Rocky Mountains in 1918, create a place where European elegance met Western hospitality in the perfect blend of style and service excellence.
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    You're at one of the nicest hotels in the country. You must play golf when you are here! And go for a hike!
  • Glenn Thayer

    Make sure you visit The Golden Bee!
  • Stephen Peeler

    Best place for celebrity & CEO people watching at the Broadmoor? Visit the ASAEFdn table or to get on our VIP list!
  • Monique Bowersox

    Wonderful Spa. Amazing service throughout.
  • Chris Alba

    The perfect place for rich snobs!
  • PikesPeak CountryAttractions

    What a beautiful hotel this is! If you're staying at the Broadmoor, venture over to Seven Falls or the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for some family fun & breathtaking scenery.
  • Cathy Turner

    Get a massage at the spa and plan to spend some time relaxing in the mountain room. It's always more fun to come with a friend!
  • David L

    Penrose Room is the best food in the state, hands down
  • Eric Rupp

    I personally spoke with the owner of the hotel and he said they have NOT EVEN CONSIDERED building a Denny's closer to their location! How inconsiderate!! Frankly, I experienced poor customer service!!
  • Eric Rupp

    I do not recommend staying here if you prefer to eat your meals at Denny's!! The nearest one is 3 MILES away which is only a reasonable distance if you are a true fan like myself!!!
  • Jessica SanDiego??

    Everyone is so friendly. It's like they've been brainwashed. ??
  • Karen Harris

    Definitely want to stay here for a number of days - beautiful!
  • Dr Bud

    Go visit Bette at Spirit of the West. Great service and a delightful person to meet!
  • Brian Grise

    You can use valet parking even if you are not staying at the hotel.
  • Greg Flannigan

    Be friendly to the cafe staff!
  • Lowell Wightman

    No question this property is beautiful and elegant. My disappointment was in room service. This is the first time a 5 Star sent plastic utensils with my meal.
  • Silas ?? M

    Tapas menu at West Lobby Bar is Amazing!!
  • John Marvin

    The Summit is a great place for dinner with friends. Great food and tremendous service.
  • Drew McLellan

    Treat yourself to something at the spa but bring lots of cash. It isn't cheap!
  • Men's Health Mag

    Steven Raichlen, the author of Planet Barbecue!, teaches a 3-day barbecue course twice each summer at the five-star Broadmoor resort in Colorado Springs.
  • Debbi DiMaggio

    Take an early morning stroll or jog around the lake. Simply gorgeous!
  • Michael Castillo

    I am creating a photography package view my site soon. As you've seen the ads n cards in the
  • Michael Castillo

    Great photo ops the best buffet
  • Jan Choromanski

    Brunch is amazing!
  • Alfredo S

    Rent a bike and go the park behind the resort. Its simply beautiful...$40 not bad.
  • Josh Goldfarb

    Great Staycation!
  • Eric Holsinger

    Swans don't reciprocate the sentiment.
  • John Haberland

    There's a lot of staff (doormen etc.) and they're very courteous and helpful but the service at the restaurants and the food are HORRIBLE. I don't understand how this can be called a 5-star resort.
  • Andrea Shelley

    Cocktails by the Xmas tree! Dreamy!
  • Fireground Communications LLC

    The DreamTrips vacation club is a travel community for everyone, from adventurers to luxuriators and anyone in-between. Go to for this online deal
  • Kobie Bowles

    Valet parking is only $2 more than self parking overnight.
  • John Michel

    One of the most gorgeous hotels in the world. Incredible mountain views, great golf, awesome food. Life is good at the Broadmoor.
  • Bucin La

    Outside at the Hotel Bar at sunset. Awesome! Stay out from under the tree due to birds and save a nut for the squirrels.
  • Vanessa Anderson

    Beautiful Hotel! Everyone is very nice, highly recommend staying there.
  • Chris Black

    Take advantage of the in-room humidifier when offered. It's dry here.
  • Nicols Kusunoki

    Go to the Penrose Room. Best Convention Service on Planet Earth
  • Drew E

    If it rains in the afternoon, grab the brochure and take a walking tour of all the fantastic Western art hung throughout the buildings.
  • Karen Burns

    Do the Sunday Brunch
  • Phillip Scott

    The restaurant have almost same items on menu. Saw same on Golden Bee, Tavern Summit and Penrose. Pricing same as well. Told same Exec Chef for all.
  • Al Duarte

    National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Fall Workshop attendees ... Visit Access Counseling at booths 43 & 44 at Colorado Hall. We have many prizes!
  • Katie Campbell

    Lovely suite with beautiful patio/deck overlooking the lake.
  • Lee West

    Fantastic brunch, but make reservations in advance.
  • Mike Martin

    Tavern... Makers mark, martini for the eife with a chilled side car. Top off with oysters on thr half shell and escargot.
  • Mark Wooters

    Try the chilli!
  • Mark Wooters

    Twilight rate after 2pm in the offseason
  • Josh Wehe

    Awesome table bread
  • Matt Schrader

    Used to make some good money caddying here!
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