Colorado Springs Airport (COS)

Address: 7770 Milton E Proby Pkwy
Phone: (719) 550-1900
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 27297


  • Beth

    Best TSA in the country. They are super nice, fast, and always say GOOD JOB if you do what you're supposed to!
  • Ben Martin

    Try the airplanes.
  • John Pisciotta

    If you fly, wear deodorant. C'mon people..
  • Gadling

    Though the Muzak may drive you to distraction, COS offers free wifi, in-seat power outlets in many of their seats, and an amazing view of the Springs' signature landmark: Pike's Peak.
  • Barrett Tryon

    If you're lucky, you might spot Barrett Tryon!
  • Ramsey Mohsen

    Try the airplanes. They're awesome.
  • David L

    Best shuttle drivers anywhere, tip em a buck!
  • Ronak Mallik

    When getting in line to get your boarding pass/id checked by TSA, stick with the line along the right wall. It usually moves faster.
  • Dean_Miles

    Just past Gate 1, on the left, you can get an excellent breakfast burrito.
  • Raj Kamath

    One of the fastest free wi-fi hotspots in the US!
  • Anthony Sayles

    It might pay to see where you can fly direct from here instead of driving to DEN. Small airport!
  • John Pisciotta

    Make the saxophone solos stop....
  • Compassion International

    Hey all. While you're in town, come say hello. We're on the north side of town, near the Air Force Academy. Free tours of our Global Ministry Center are held three times a day, Monday through Friday.
  • Harley Acres

    Some interesting local art on display.
  • Kelli Trent

    Put on clothes. PJ's don't work in public over the age of 4. Kthx
  • Tonnina Daley

    I love flying into and out of smaller airports, the staff are way nicer and will actually smile at you!!! Yay!!!
  • Jeremy Stump

    If you're here to stay, buy a home! I know a great Lender! It's me!
  • Danielle Ross-Maddox

    Please people I know some of the planes are small but can you stay in your own seat and not take up half of mine??? I paid enough money to get to use all of it.
  • Allegiant Travel

    Free wireless internet, an awesome mobile app & a great play area for the kiddies!
  • Joseph Boryczka

    TSA is bored and will search your bags for fun
  • Daryle DeBalski

    Don't get the Americano at Pikes Perk. Not so good.
  • Melissa Dagdagan

    Quaint little airport. No way you can get lost here. :)
  • Brittany Proulx

    Pikes Perk has a really tasty spinach feta croissant in the morning....and the security line to the right neatest to the wall is def faster...
  • Scott Lake

    Lately the United counter has been severely understaffed. Expect over an hour from the time you arrive until hitting your gate if your flight is early in the AM, not fun
  • Shaunte' Allen

    No need to be here 2 hours before take off... Small airport. Love it.
  • Pete Plumer

    Get there extra early, expect 30 minutes in line to check your bag, and another 30 in the TSA line.
  • Dennis H

    If you're active military, let them know before checking in, they may waive baggage fees.
  • Patrick Turner

    Try Bristol Taproom. I can't vouch for the food, but the beer is top notch.
  • Erin

    This airport almost always searched my bag... Arrive early!
  • David Courtney

    No farting on the plane please
  • Richard Rawald

    Take a picture of the mountains
  • Robert Justiniano

  • Jeffry Kinzler

    The couple working the help desk are awesome!
  • Amy O'Halloran

    Always fast to get through security.
  • Hope

    Security was quick and impressive :)). Great experience!
  • Thomas Cathey

    Definitely get rid of sax music!
  • Ryan OQuinn

    Redbox movie rental @ Gate 6. $1/night. Return at any location
  • Sarah Boukhari

    Fast security lines and free wifi!
  • Kenny G

    Sir Mayor Bach heard the pleas finally. He's finally acknowledging our service men and women here in COS.
  • Matt Rosenberg

    Probably the most patriotic airport that I've visited.
  • Ronald Scott

    On Mondays, be here EARLY for the first flight of the day. The TSA line is usually very long.
  • Alex Devine

    Get a latte at Novo coffee before you go through security. Awesome view of the mountains and airport too!
  • Dean Weissman - Professional Realtor

    Short security lines, nice!
  • Larry Leonardi

    Most flights from this place are long ones so take fruit and snacks
  • john Register

    Free wifi yes!
  • Norma Borja

    Free Wi-Fi
  • Ron Baumert

    TSA passenger processing space woefully inadequate.
  • Allegiant Travel

    Phone or laptop running low on battery? Stop by one of the free charging stations located throughout the airport.
  • Joyce Woolhether

  • Tad Perez

    The dude with the ukulele is my faja.
  • Sara

    Watch out for the timbleweeds!
  • Doug McDaniel

    I had the Embraer as an app. It was delicious.
  • Phil Gordon

    Colorado has some friendly people.. But if I have headphones on.. Try not to talk to me.. K thanks
  • Ed Buclatin

    If you're a frequent flier, you'll be disappointed that there is no priority line at the security checkpoint.
  • Patrick Dumas

    Don't smoke on the plane!!! Duh
  • Keri Barnes

    Nice place to try and capture a great fly-by photo.
  • Michael Castillo check it out
  • Michael Castillo

    Quickest tsa checkpoint ever!
  • Michael Castillo

    Close ride to the peak
  • Jon Severson

    Skip cabs, use Uber! Download the app, use code vok6b and get $10 off your first ride! It's what everyone uses here in COS!
  • El David Thomas

    This is the most laid back airport I've been to.
  • Jennifer St. Pierre

    The line is out the door for Holiday travel. 90 mins won't cut it.. Get there extra early! Especially for United...
  • Fred Massaro

    Very nice airport. The mountains are amazing.
  • Evan

    Went through security & didn't get so much as a handy j from security. If I were you I'd fly into Denver, they know how to treat a gentleman.
  • B F

    Breathe easy - A smoke-free airport!
  • Alyssa Cathion

    Not many fast food options, but good snack variety in the convenience stores before and after security.
  • Kenny G

    TSA pre-check is open for business!!!
  • Dave

    Free WiFi FlyCOS
  • Danielle Takahashi

    Small airport, Wear a tee shirt if you are going to wear a hoodie or you will get searched.
  • Mary Schultz

    Catina azul sells breakfast burrito
  • Stacy Chen

    Small regional airport w friendly agents. Easy to clear security and rarely a line so feel free to take your time saying goodbye to your loved ones.
  • Rhonda Powell

    Long walk from check in to gate.
  • Jamie Epperson

    Home is where your family lives ?
  • Jason M

    TSA was the nicest and most efficient I have felt with ever.
  • Frazier Damon

    Get in early because the renovated security area is causing long lines.
  • Jill Baker

    No Starbucks. :(
  • Andrea Kirkham

    Mocha mountain from pikes perk... Try it, its amazing :)
  • Richard

    Try the escalators
  • Cheryl T.

    Cell phone waiting area for those picking up friends...nice touch!
  • marco madrazo

    No frequent traveler / first class lanes. Get ready to wait 1 hour or longer in line. By far the worst airport in America
  • marco madrazo

    No frequent traveler
  • Emily Carlton

    Fly, you fools! (nice airport. Much better than dia)
  • Preston Wolfe

    Nova coffee place is a little less expensive but on wrong side of security
  • Dean Weissman - Professional Realtor

    Love Frontier...
  • Dean Weissman - Professional Realtor

    Easy flights to Phoenix!!!
  • Andrew Cerda

    As of November 2012, they aggressively check carry on bag size and tag the big ones for stow away. Don't delay us- know if it fits or not.
  • Jonathan Liepe

    Looking for a job? Go to
  • Tod Lewis

    Long security line on 5AM!
  • Oscar Daniels

    TSA = Worst. Ever. Ugh
  • Ron Baumert

    Rock out to the MUSAK! ;-)
  • Brad Hildebrand

    The sax solos play on...
  • Chet Buasri

    If you fly allegiant be prepared for a delay. This is my 4th 4+ hour delay.
  • Stephen Peeler

    If you are a B of A customer this hold your deposits until you get home withdrawals only in COS!
  • The Lu Sir

    Allegiant Air: noisy and bumpy, no complimentary snack or drink, BUT the best price to fly and save.
  • Forrest Wieder

    Snow + wind + Colorado springs = flights canceled.
  • Ron Gann

    Need more smooth sax music.
  • john archer

    Always get your car first as the baggage is crazy slow
  • Ben Stein

    There no food options inside besides pizza hut and quedoba so eat b4 because the flights are always delayed
  • Wesley Asato

    The convenience tables in the waiting areas have power outlets.
  • Kerry McGinley

    Give yourself enough time for some garlic fries at Gordon Biersch.
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